B2C VAT Solution


Selling goods to private consumers in the European Union (EU)? Using platforms like eBay, Amazon or Alibaba? We are your Chinese speaking partner for all your European VAT (Value Added Tax) obligations.

When your goods enter the European Union these goods need to be declared at Customs. Is your customer responsible for the import declaration? Then you have no tax obligations in the European Union at all and you do not need us.

Are the goods imported on your behalf? You will be responsible for paying import VAT (refundable) and import duties. After importation your sales invoices fall within the scope of VAT. It means that your company has to fulfil VAT obligations in the European Union. Do you as non-EU Reseller have VAT obligations? The answer is yes: the European VAT legislation makes sure that anyone who sells B2C need to pay VAT on its sale, non-EU companies included.

If you do not pay VAT on your B2C sales, finally the European Customs may refuse and even confiscate your goods. Forwarders and transport companies will face the same. Please note that in some European countries investigations have started on non-EU companies using E-commerce platforms. The European Authorities have even announced to work on regulation that requires E- commerce platforms to collect the VAT on all sales on behalf of the Resellers.

It is now time to realise that VAT is unavoidable. We can assist however to make sure that your company is fully VAT compliant. And that for competitive fees!


Basic VAT solution
For one fixed fee per month we take care of VAT registrations in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom and all periodic tax returns. It includes the facility that avoids paying import VAT upon arrival in the Netherlands. We do not charge separate one-off registration fees!

Premium VAT solution
Depending on the volume of sales transactions and number of imports, we can offer a tailor-made solution. It includes all services of the basic B2C VAT solution, but with the additional bonus that no bank guarantees of cash deposits are necessary.


Do you need help with your European Customs formalities? Together with our partners we can set this up for your company! Are you looking for transport services, storage facilities and logistics? We can introduce you to our network of logistical service providers.


Free of charge: if you would like to know if you have European VAT obligations, please complete this document and send it to info@vatinstitute.com We will communicate our findings with you.


VDF INSTITUTE is a Dutch based company specialized in European VAT matters. We guide our clients through the maze of VAT and assist them with all their VAT issues and compliance obligations in and even outside the EU. We are independent, so we can determine your VAT position fully objectively, not being lead by politics between accountants and tax lawyers within one accounting company.

The team of VDF VAT INSTITUE consists of highly experienced VAT advisors, trained in international VAT affairs, from small companies to worldwide operating players. We provide high level VAT advisory and compliance services for very competitive fees.



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